Your Online Profiles Search; What Does It Reveal?

How Do You Look?

Many people do online profiles search as part of their way of using the internet. They meet someone new and search for them online. It’s a very normal process.

But when you start a business online, what you may have been told about running a business online is quite different from your everyday social media.

What do I know about this?

I have been creating, building and running businesses online for many years. They have had big impacts on the lives on many people because I have, along with my team, worked hard to work out what is required to be a leader. I focus on creating opportunities for leaders to develop.

I run several social media campaigns so I know what Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are seeking.

On average, my clients have seen increases in their business of between 900% and 2000%. That’s a remarkable return on investment.

Why An Online Profiles’ Search?

To start, many people new to business go to social media. This is particularly popular with network marketing businesses and online sales and for many, it works well. But, these businesses predominantly work on building trust and if it becomes harder for other people to see YOUR content, then it becomes harder to build that CIRCLE OF TRUST between you and prospective clients. Your day to day tasks are all about you seeking them out. And over time, this can become exhausting.

Also, if a social media website changed the way that people see content, (by adjusting its algorithm) where would YOU stand?

online profiles search

In case you don’t know, an algorithm is a complex way of the social media site (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) determining what we see.

What would happen to your business if they implemented big changes?

Would your business evaporate overnight?

What backup do you have?

Perhaps you think it couldn’t happen.

Well, this happened to a business last week that had 12 million followers on Facebook. They made the huge mistake of thinking that Facebook was secure. Overnight, the algorithm changed and suddenly their customers couldn’t see as much of them. A month later, they closed their doors for good.

They made the cardinal mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket. An online profiles search would have resulted in ONE entry. So terribly sad.

I want you to be in the position where you are never worried about how you’re going to find new clients. You’re always going to have opportunities because you, with my help, are going to understand how to build a solid business base.

This means that:

    • your risk is spread (no more having all your eggs in one basket)
    • you have MULTIPLE ways of developing LEADS
    • you have a base where anyone can see who you are and develop TRUST with you
    • you can have links to your products or business – anything you wish but visitors will be left wanting MORE
    • you look reputable. You look like you are playing the long game and are really taking your business SERIOUSLY. There are many wannabe entrepreneurs but truth be known, it’s a hobby to them, not a business.

Why am I concerned?

I have started my own business twice now. The first, virtually pre internet, I had for around 10 years. There was an overlap of around 5 years where I worked on both and then I started working full time on what I do now. I have read widely and worked with people who have high turnovers every year. I can provide online business support so that an online profiles search for you will show someone who is serious about what they do, rather than being a flash in the pan.

People ultimately go to those who they TRUST. My clients stay with me long term because I know what I’m doing and they can see the positive consequences of my actions.

How do YOU want to be seen online? Are you an Entrepreneur or a Hobbyist?

So, how can I help with your online profile?

What I am proposing would set you apart from the hobbyists. I research internet profiles for all sorts of businesses and the outcomes are ALWAYS shocking! It’s always less than was anticipated and the competition are doing far more than they realised.


  • I will investigate what I find about you online.
  • I will reveal your true digital footprint.
  • I will then, hunt down your competitions’ digital footprint and then create a plan that will not only make you look way better than them, but you will have a clear course of action to move forward.

You will know what you need to do to at least equal them.

The rest is then up to you as to how much you want to be better than them…

Let me know if you want to proceed and if you have any questions, just click the button ➡️ Click Here