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The 3 Powerfully Easy Steps To Working For Yourself - Catherine Harriss
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The 3 Powerfully Easy Steps To Working For Yourself

working for yourselfGet motivated

You’ve had enough. Your job (J.O.B. just over broke) is no longer inspiring you. It is negatively impacting your life. Working for yourself seems like a breath of fresh air. Your children need you and your partner and family never see you. The time has come to think differently and be proactive about what you want to do and just get on with it.

Congratulations, you have just found the motivation to do something about your life. To work for yourself, you do need to be someone who is self motivated and you’ve just found it.  You need to a know what you want out of life or focus in on what you would really like to have. Is it more time with family, with the children, on holiday? Are the school holidays and childcare really stressing you out?

After direct motivation comes the need to organise and do something about it.  A natural entrepreneur can organise time and prioritise those things that really need to be done. Or you need to be coachable, willing to learn how to organise your time and efforts. Ultimately, you need a winning mindset, one that will push you forward in the dark moments and propel you forward when things are going well.

Love what you plan to do

If you wouldn’t use the word love, do you think you can learn to love what you plan to do in time? Or are you just very keen to do your best? All this will help you be successful. Those who love what they do, feel passionate about their work, wake up every morning keen to get going on the day ahead. But it may be early days for you, in which case, what you plan to do must be something that you can grow to love if only it gives you other opportunities that you may not have had before. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the exact fit of occupation. Ideally it needs to be a passion but you can become passionate about it if it enables you to travel/spend time at home/be the owner of your time.

If you decide to find a business that meets your financial needs, then there must be something about it that creates a spark in you to work at it, to make it successful. Don’t pick anything, just for the sake of it. You will find yourself back at square one, miserable and desperate to find something that inspires you and makes you happy.

Get some money in quickly.

Commit and take action. Focus on doing what you are planning to do in your new venture and start getting money in. Do you need to launch your business in front of friends or acquaintances? Start telling people about what you do and sound enthusiastic. They will soon want to find out more and support you by ordering or buying your products or services. They may even understand exactly why you have changed course and enquire as to how they can do what you are now doing too. The first thing you must not do is procrastinate, thinking that spending money first on branding, buying business cards and building complicated strategies will make your business successful. By getting money in you are creating a winning mindset and seeing that your actions are creating money. You are actually making the business work.

I have taken my own advice, twice, and managed successful businesses as a consequence. If you want to change track or leap off the treadmill that you are on, contact me and I might be able to help you too.


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