Mentoring Services

Having been part of a mentoring system for 9 years, meeting monthly, and knowing that there is always someone that I can talk to if I have an issue, I am now providing this crucial business for small business owners.

Why is mentoring crucial?

Because often, being a small business owner can be a very lonely time. It is important to be able to talk things through and understand how you need to move forward. Mentoring services with me reduce the randomness of growth and enable a straighter line to success.

Secondly, though, I can help your business growth stay on track or grow more. Or both. I can help with mindset, how tos tart, what to do, how to grow and how to facilitate and scale up. All very important aspects of being a small business owner.

How my mentoring services work?

Stage 1: Let’s meet

Firstly, we meet either in person or via zoom and have a chat about your business, your issues, problems and dreams …. all for free. I’ll pay for coffee if we meet in person. If you think that what I have to say is helpful, then you can choose the next stage.

Stage 2: Choose your level

You can then choose either based on what you need or what you can afford from either of the following packages below.

Stage 3. Contact me

We can discuss further exactly what you want to achieve from the mentoring services you would like to start at. This can be either face to face, phone or zoom. It is entirely up to you. Here I will go through your business, your hopes and aspirations and ew can then plan together.

This is very much a working together, not a top down approach from me. It is vital that I help you move at the pace that suits you, offering advice as you want it and feel ready to take it. There is no hard enforcement here as standard though that could be arranged šŸ™‚


This is for business owners who are starting a new venture or who have already started and want to have some help, growth advice, guidance and accountability to move forward as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Ā£300 per month

What you get

* Bi-weekly progress meetings
* Daily communication and advice as needed
* Plan of action
* Support with where to find help as needed.
* Set up processes and products.


This is a really important next step in your business growth.
You may even decide to jump in at this entry point and you are welcome to do so. This is where your business growth can really expand.

Ā£500 a month

What you get

* All of what you have in the Start mentoring package
* Monthly meet up with other business owners/advisors
* Accountability
* Ensure that processes suit business growth.


This is the step where you can grow as a business owner.
It’s a vital step where you really get time back and starting working on your business whilst others work in your business.

Ā£750 a month

What you get

*All of what you have in the Develop mentoring package
*Evaluate how you can work smarter
* On site meetings to check lead conversion methods by any staff, processes & growth.

It may be that you have a few questions to ask. Please do by asking here

Previous results

If you need to see how other people’s businesses have grown under my care, then look here. In the meantime, here are some testimonials:

Delivers proper results

Catherine is a very sharp lady, a clever Marketer with a deep understanding of the digital world and beyond…..
Great to work with and delivers proper results.
Paul Chapman
Marketing Strategist

Extensive Internet Marketing Knowledge

Catherine has extensive internet marketing knowledge and her work with websites under her supervision has clearly proved a huge success. This is clearly demonstrated in the revenue figures and referral rates. If your serious about digital marketing and maximising your internet presence I would and do strongly recommend speaking to Catherine.
Anthony Goforth
Neurology Specialist

Wealth of knowledge

Catherine was observing my development and offered her time and expertise to show me some very important steps which remain a very core part of my business structure.
I was given many valuable advice which didnā€™t costing me anything as she knows the best sources available. I was grateful as budgeting was very crucial. I would highly recommend Catherineā€™s service with her wealth of knowledge on how to take your business forward.
Nukshi Velebny
Portraiture photography

Approachable & results driven

Passionate, Approachable and results-driven.
Catherine is very knowledgeable and is able to explain all things google in an easy-to-understand manner.
She’ll take the time to understand your business and what you are looking to achieve.
Every time Catherine speaks to me her advice is golden.
1000% recommend
Jodie Bidder
Outdoor Event expert

Business is continuing to grow

Catherine helped me re-design my website and adding a blog to it where new content is published. She also advised about the use of social media and has set up automated publishing of content on platforms
My business is continuing to grow with her help
Colin Holburn
Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Recommend Catherine to anyone in need of clarity and purpose

I’ve known Catherine for several years now, meeting her regularly on our mastermind. Her level of technical knowledge of SEO, GoogleAds and online marketing(and her ability to translate these into simple language and concepts) are impressive.

More impressive is her entrepreneurial drive and her ability to execute on ideas.I’ve lost count of the number of times she’s identified a concept or opportunity at a mastermind and then, a month later, returned to share how she researched, planned and executed on that idea and her results. I’ve never seen anything like it.

All this from an empath, kind and generous with her knowledge and expertise, supplied with good humour. Unsurprisingly, I’d recommend Catherine to anyone in need of clarity and purpose in optimising their online marketing ROI.
Robin Johnston
Specialist Insolvency Lawyer
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