Friday feelings: Spacewalks and Taking Steps

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It’s been a busy week where my todo list seems to have grown as the week and proceeded. However, a great “done” list always cheers me up. Just two things left on it and then I’m finished for today.

I’ve spent this afternoon doing various things at my computer whilst watching Tim Peake successfully complete his first spacewalk. Whilst I’ve sat at my desk, he has whizzed round the world a few times, which in itself is incomprehensible, and it struck me that man has achieved so much, all by consistent effort and a mindset to get there. As I write he is repairing and replacing incomprehensible wires (to me) on the outside of the Space Station, fixing himself to it carefully as he moves so he doesn’t disappear off. The hours of effort to learn so that he could achieve his goal. It would be interesting to hear if he has goals beyond this, possibly beyond the imagination of most non-astronauts. Well done to Tim though, a huge achievement and he deserves the recognition that’s due to him.

But his success can be replicated on many levels by ourselves. Persistence and consistent effort will get us to where we want to be. Don’t be put off by what seems too big a “thing” to achieve. Break it down into smaller parts and just work your way through the small steps to success.

My Week

Feeling great: a successful week. I am a healthier being compared to the beginning of the week and I am more alert and more focused, all because of a cleanse I am doing. All positive news and a big step forward! I’m hoping by next week, all my clothes will fit perfectly again. Too much indulgence at Christmas is to blame!

I also welcomed an amazing person into my team and spoke to a possible new client. Exciting times.

Felt emotional yesterday when we heard that our planned house move still happening. Hopefully it will happen around Easter time. Surely it doesn’t need to be like this: a true rollercoaster of emotion.

Found a brilliant book: Choose Yourself by James Altucher which is a real mind developing book. He challenges you to think about things differently and challenge yourself to why you can’t be a better version of yourself. I love his Daily Practice and “how to become an ideas machine”. Certainly a read that I will refer back to and re-read at some time.

Song of my week: Here for You introduced to me by my daughter

Best quote of my week:

If you are thinking too much about money while building your business, then either you are not very passionate about the business or you aren’t helping people with your business” James Altucher

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