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Another day, another great meeting. This time with a mortgage protection company co-owner. I learnt that he and his two partners and have certainly managed their work / life balance. Well done!

We talked about many things but one area of our conversation interested me particularly. And that is the need for small business owners to feel supported. I hasten to add that I’m not breaking any confidentialities here nor am I referring to any business in particular but generically, I was reminded that running a small business can, at times, feel very lonely.

Over this past year I have spoken to many small business owners, Everyone I have talked to is extremely hard working. Again, without referring to anyone’s conversation with me, my thoughts are that small business owners often feel the need to have a facade of coping that faces the world.

Too often, coping is the opposite of what is felt. Business owners needs are not always being met.

The Need For Someone To Talk To

I’ve seen and experienced first hand the peaks and troughs of business ownership. Luckily, I have had the privilege to attend excellent round table meetings where business owners from all walks gathered together and discussed, often very frankly, their issues and concerns. Together, we would help find solutions.

Having participated in around 9 years of these monthly meetings, listening to small business owners from a multitude of businesses, my experience and knowledge has grown. Add in my own first hand experience of running a business and I have a much to fall back on.

It’s a rare position to be in, to be witness to problems and solutions (and see them working) over such an extensive period of time.

My Mentoring Services

I am now passing on all this business knowledge learnt and experienced. My mentoring approach enables a safe place where people can discuss their business concerns. I help business owners prioritise and build their business goals, without judgement and within their capabilities, providing advice on “how” and “why” when current knowledge is lacking.

My mentoring would also apply to discussing different approaches to expand opportunities for growing a pipeline of ready clients, the keystone for all small business. This consultancy could work alongside me actually assisting with writing content and running Google Ads.

So far, in all the one-to-one meetings I have had, I see and feel excitement of the future. It’s great to see small business owners enthused about what they can do, how to do it and why it is going to make a big difference to them.

If you feel that a conversation in the first instance might be just what you need to help you, then feel free to contact me.


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