Being Your Authentic Self in Business

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authentic self in business

Two days into the week and already I have had some interesting conversations with equally interesting people, mainly helping them to be their authentic self in business.

During those conversations, I’ve offered advice on how to project each individual forwardin the noise of many, by using both time tested and innovative strategies.

What has come to light most, are the commonalities between all small business owners and it’s been a privilege to offer a perspective of growth together with how to make that happen.

A heuristic approach

My heuristic approach to business growth means that there isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Every business owner can only grow at the speed they feel able to move at. Through conversation, I helped identify how to make those moves, what to do first and plan a personalised path forward.

There is not one small business owner I have spoken to who is not driven to improve their business and lifestyle. Already, I have connected to like minded people together to build projects together.

I’ve noticed that the offer of myself as a mentor has been warmly greeted. I always thought that this would be helpful but this is certainly something I want to provide going forward: bespoke packages of mentoring to ensure that goals are met and that plans stay on track can only be beneficial. With over 17 years of business growth experience, there is much knowledge and experience to fall back on.

The power of writing

I have reminded those I have met that the power of the written word still stands. I reinforced the point that every written article acts as another channel of communication to their perfect clients. But to be able to do this whilst being your authentic self is so powerful. One article a week can lead to 52 different channels over a year and that’s a point that needs to be made. Articles can also be repurposed for social media and most importantly, by being retained on privately owned websites, they as business owners remain owners of that content. I do provide a written content service and for my clients to date, this has been the single most successful strategy in attracting their perfect clients.

Using the saying “you have to spend some to get some”, Google Ads do work and are successful in bringing in clients if they are set up correctly. With many years experience running large budgets, I am well equipped to help my clients. The offer of assistance in this area was also warmly appreciated.

There is no singular route to success but by being your authentic self in business helps to make it easier to achieve. It is always an intricate interplay of tested strategies, innovative approaches and leveraging available tools that lead to holistic business growth. Oh, and a good coffee.

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