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attract more readers

Simple strategies to attract more readers on your posts.

One of the key issues when starting a blog or when trying to build an online reputation, is the effort required to be found, seen, read and appreciated. It is only consistent hard work that can attract more readers. But is that really what is really required. What about making things easy to support regular hard work? Often, the process to start building an online profile comes side by side with another job or income producing activity so time is scarce. So wouldn’t the better way to be to focus on good content and then use help to maximise the likelihood that your content will be seen regularly and by others.

Unless you are writing consistent time-limited posts that require prompt action, say in the case of an affiliate marketing competition, then content can be assumed to be evergreen. This means that you have a constant means to attract more readers. Once out there on the big wide web, it can be found any time subsequently after it is posted. This evergreen content is one of the cornerstones of an online business especially if your content has links to what you are selling or promoting. After all, the more links you have online, the greater your chance of having a successful business.

Internal linking to attract more readers

Internal linking is often misunderstood: it is a requirement for the Googlebots to move around your site and understand it more. If there is no internal link structure then Google is limited by how it can support your site with respect to rewards in ranking.

Equally, when a visitor lands on your page or post, if there are no internal links then it is difficult for that visitor to find more of your content. This is especially true on mobile. It is all the more important because instead of the large menu found at the top of most sites, the menu is reduced to three lines. If those are missed, then the reader can easily move on.

I mentioned Dwell time recently, and to improve Dwell time, internal links will lead the reader to more of your content and “dwell” a time. This metric will be recorded by Google as a positive and help improve your ranking subsequently.

So, it is worth going through all your content and seeing if there are any commonalities or helpful links that can be made between pages and posts, that will attract more readers. You could also add purpose made links at the end of your article to other texts that could help your reader.

Remember that the longer someone spends time on your site, the greater they will build up a positive impression of you and hopefully, “buy” into you if that is your goal.

Missinglettr: smart software

I purchased this on a whim a year ago and have used it very intermittently since then, stupidly. I forgot how brilliant it was at projecting my content in front of my readers, watchers, lurkers and followers. It is the most amazing bit of software. With my new year plans, I have decided to use it once again and since doing so, have had the most pleasing, genuine results (I have seen my own posts, on my own profiles having been pushed out by this software. They looked genuine to me).

attract more readers

This is how it works. It is linked to your blog and picks up details of new posts when they are published. It then plans a 365 day strategy to post your content to up to 25 social profiles ( I have an agency membership) but the blogger membership still enables 3 social profiles. There is another membership in between with similar functionality to the agency.

Missinglettr creates posts for several times throughout the 365 days which can be adjusted. Hashtags and images can be chosen too. Suggestions are given (these are often taken from the original post). After a few minutes of alterations, the content is ready to a attract more readers. Missinglettr then does the rest, posts with hashtags to your profiles regularly.

Interestingly, this is a key component of marketing: to post content regularly but so few people know that this is necessary, have the confidence to or know how to do this easily. As a minimum, new content should be shared several times in the first week, and then decreasingly after that, over a year. Do you do this? If not, Missinglettr might be just what you need. Set it and forget it software.

Pinterest images for picture readers

I have started including an image for Pinterest in each new blog post. I have noticed that when I share it, the Pinterest image is shared more often than not. I find this very interesting.

I haven’t really focussed on Pinterest much but having had these recent results, I am going to start ensuring that a Pinterest image appears on every post plus additional Pinterest images are supplied. For not doing anything, I am quite pleased. Obviously, there is a way to go but I feel enthused to continue and make Pinterest work for me.

attract more readers

For clients, I have used Tailwind to post on Pinterest. Tailwind is one of the few apps that Pinterest allows so it is possible to schedule many posts for every day if you wish. Pinterest, being a visual platform, really does rely on many images being posted. I plan to post more about Pinterest soon.

Facebook groups

How many groups on Facebook are you a member of? Do they suit your purpose? This is a question I often ask myself so I frequently conduct an audit to ensure that I only focus on those that deliver value and where I can offer help.

I started an Accountability For Bloggers group as I know how difficult it is to regularly post blogs, find readers and learn at the same time. I wanted it to be a group where people were not afraid to share their posts but also, more importantly, where people could spend time on other blogs and understand the importance of encouraging the reader to stay and wanting to stay to read.

There are, of course, other groups that are similar but not the same. When the opportunity is invited via blog promotion threads, I post my latest blog and always comment on the posts I read. I do try and stay a while on the blog so that my “read” counts.

Being able to share blog posts in groups is so important, especially, if the members are all trying to increase their readership. Just follow the admin rules, join mine too, and I will help guide you with constructive help.


  • well chosen software like Missinglettr can help considerably to increase readers
  • why improving your internal linking leads the reader to read more and how this helps your Google ranking.
  • how Facebook groups can help you get more readers

There are affiliate links in this post. If you click them and purchase, I might earn some commission. I only ever recommend what I have purchased myself and what I find useful. There is no point others 🙂


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  • Sara
    January 23, 2020

    Thank you for sharing about internal links! That is something I could do better for sure.

  • Leah Hastings
    January 23, 2020

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Crystal Garman
    January 23, 2020

    I didn’t know much about MissingLettr! Very interesting! I’ve focused my promotion on Facebook, Pinterest and use Tailwind.

    • Catherine
      January 23, 2020

      It is an excellent software application and frees up so much time but more importantly does what really needs to be done!