8 Easy LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

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linkedin marketing solutionsHere’s the truth about marketing on LinkedIn: there are some straightforward LinkedIn marketing solutions.

There are way too many people who think that “dumping a link” in their feed would drive the kind of traction they want, or transform them into thought leaders.

But it doesn’t work that way.

There ARE secrets behind how you should use LinkedIn that are being kept from you.

But fret not.

You will no longer be in the dark.

I reached out to 8 LinkedIn influencers to find out their little-known LinkedIn marketing solutions on getting more views on LinkedIn.

Specifically, I asked them:


“What unknown / little-known strategies are you using for LinkedIn that aren’t actively taught or shared by most people?”


And these are their answers.

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8 Tips For Getting More Views On Your Posts

Gilles De Clerck | Salesflare

I use automation to scale my reach so I can build more relations faster.

Dux-Soup is a growth hacking tool you can use to auto-visit and connect with targeted profiles.

This enables you to stack up relevant connections in your sleep.

It doesn’t end there. Connections don’t equal an audience and relationship building is not something you can have a robot do for you.

That is why, as soon as a new connection is made, you have to show up yourself. I try to talk to as many new connections as humanly possible. Again, you can ease this task by automating your intros. This may sounds counterintuitive, but how different are 600 hellos really going to be? As soon as they reply, you can start the conversation. I usually kick off by asking something ‘What’s keeping you busy these days?’.


Thomas Ma | SapphireApps

Try to follow some of the people who are crushing it on Linkedin. Study their habits and see why they get so much engagement. Once you figure out the pattern, try to figure out how you can do something similar with how you act as a person.


Ben Bradbury | Glisser

One thing I’ve learned recently is how endorsements work: the real value lies in being endorsed by people who are highly skilled in the respective skill. It comes up next to your skill when people are viewing your profile. When looking to increase your endorsements, focus on getting them from connections who are highly skilled.


Vin Clancy, vincentdignan.com

I’m about to start doing video. Not many people are, this will be a gamechanger.


Harsh Jani, Nextures

Something called engagement pods. Cant tell you more about it but look up our Facebook Group -> LINKEDOUT — GROWTH HACKING LINKEDIN


Michaela Alexis, Grade A Digital

Wake up everyday and ask, “How can I serve this community today?”. Think about the mom that’s trying to be the perfect parent and crush it in her career, and feels like she can never be “enough”. Talk to her. Go give her some space to share her frustrations. Talk to the jobseeker that is a catch of a candidate but is struggling to maintain confidence. Share your experience as a jobseeker, and the remind them that we’ve all been there. So many people complicate content, but it’s all about service.

I also started what I call “contextual selfies” on LinkedIn. I would share a story, and then thought, no, this story needs more context, they need to see me in the moment of me doing whatever I’m talking about. I wanted to connect with my audience on a more intimate level than just text. I got so much criticism for that, oh boy! But over time, it became my signature with the people that matter.


Hailey Friedman, Growth Marketing Pro

Getting engagement in the first few hours after you post is critical if you want your post to gain traction. There are a number of ways you can achieve engagement, however there is one blatantly obvious way- and that is to ask for it. You’ll want to end your post with a question or a call to action. If you can get people commenting on your post early on, that will increase your odds of going viral.


Manu Goswami, The Next Foundry

I’m honestly not using anything that’s unknown! I know people who use external tools and have software that help them chunk out content. I write when I feel like writing, and I continuously see my followers as people I can learn from. It’s what has helped me cultivate my large following.

What To Do Next

Now that you’ve heard from the experts, it’s your turn.

Take down these tips, and IMPLEMENT. These are uncomplicated LinkedIn marketing solutions.

Only by taking action will you see your LinkedIn profile drastically change, and get you the traffic and leads you want.


Guest Post Bio:

Si Quan is the Content Marketing Manager at CandyBar, a digital loyalty app. In his spare time, he likes to write, breakdance and try out different 30-day quests for himself.


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