7 Inspiring Mindset Shifts To Be Successful

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Mindset shifts are simple things that you can do to be successful. Anyone can do it, if they want to. And if you think you can’t, then think again. You might be surprised.

Your Age

This really is just a number. If you are keen and young, your enthusiasm will shine through. If you are older, then you have all that life wisdom behind you. Whatever your experiences, they will have taught you something. The key is to make yourself the person that other people enjoy being with so your age becomes immaterial.

Investing in Yourself

Yes, invest time in reading at least 30 minutes a day and read texts designed to help you grow as an individual. This feeds the mind with positive information reducing problems associated with self esteem and ability. Once such classic is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. His book walks through how making small changes can lead to huge positive differences long term. On a daily basis consume knowledge in your field of choice and then related fields.  View the information you read as food for the mind in the same way as your lungs need oxygen.

Within your brain, the amygdala and the limbic zones will always try and force negative comments and remind you of your past failures. It takes a daily self discipline of learning how to banish these thoughts and change them for positive, can do thoughts. This investment in you aims to make you a mentally stronger person, equipped to deal with the frustrations of daily life and focus on longer term goals. Your brain is a sponge wanting to learn and it will easily increase knowledge. It wants to do this!

self improvementAn excellent alternative to books are podcasts that can be listened to anywhere and can provide many stimulating ideas and strategies for self growth. Available on all different subjects, there is something for every situation. Interestingly, there are so many in the self growth arena as this is commonly seen as THE area that people need to work on, in order to make any change in life.

After all that hard work, a personal treat must be arranged and preferably, regularly!

Set Big Goals

Setting goals and writing them down is a proven way of shifting from one situation to another. The goals have got to be bigger than you can imagine every achieving – why? Because they need to be so big that you really want to get them and as we don’t know what we are capable of achieving, it is important to make it as big as we can imagine as we might just achieve it! Big goals are often dream goals and these really excite us. The goal itself creates a gravitational pull that doesn’t need willpower. It is this excitement that makes us want to take action every day. When a big goal takes over our thinking every day, every day we are busy moving towards the goal with positive energy which enriches our lives. Time spent working towards this big goal changes us into fulfilled beings seeing the development of the goal becoming a reality.

Be Methodical

success processMake a plan and work your way through it. Systematically. Develop a process and by doing this over again, by the act of duplication, success will follow. Processes are the key to success. So this means working out how you can read for 30 minutes or listen to your podcast. It means working out how you need to get done what you really need to get done in the day to achieve your goals. So I decided to get up an hour earlier and take the dog for a walk. In doing so, I listen to my podcast of the day. I return energised and ready to face the rest of the day: my mindset has been established. I then work through my established routine to ensure that the priorities are dealt with and I have time to plan towards my goals. This methodical approach has led to a massive increase in productivity and a mental shift to “can-do”. Oh, and the dog gets her walk.

Believe In You

If you don’t who will? Raise your self worth and work on your opinion of yourself. Some may say but that is impossible. Well, it is about time that you evaluated how you think of yourself. If you are constantly saying that you not worthy, then you will believe it and others will send that too. Start today to have faith in you. You can achieve so much, if you want to. That is the only choice you make.

Success is not an entitlement. If you want to excel, you have to get out there every day for the rest of your life and this is possible if you believe in what you are doing. Personal growth is determined by the experiences that we encounter and subsequently learn from.

What Are Your Priorities

What excites you and what makes your heart sink? What is really important to you? Or is this more easily defined by something that you are really determined not to do. Write down all the things that are important to you, and follow this by writing down the things that you do every day. Then, identify the things that you really do not need to do – is checking your Twitter feed urgent or a time waster? Or is it time to sort out how you do things, for example online banking rather than making that long trip into town just to make a payment. Make a plan of your priorities and then test it to see how you get on. Refine it over a period of time and then focus. You will find that there is more time to do things to move towards your goals. Now you are prioritising the correct way and will see positive changes.

What Is Your Purpose In Life

33500524_sUsing your natural abilities in your personal and professional life can propel you forward and combined with passion, intuition and intention you are on a winning pathway. Whatever your age, we all have unique gifts that we can use to help us. So by focusing on those actives that make us smile and feel good about ourselves will guide us toward out true purpose. Do you like helping others, do you like feeling successful, do you like teaching are all key questions to ask. Also, what would be your biggest regrets if you were to look back on your life having continued along the path you are on now? The answers can be very sobering. Combine these with your deepest values and the causes you believe in the most, and you will have found your life’s purpose.
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