4 Simple Secrets to Maintaining a Work Life Balance

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What exactly is work-life balance? Does it exist. I’m sure many of you reading this will think that it is a myth, something that cannot exist if you want to keep a job, keep your family happy, keep your partner happy.. Well, there is such a thing that many people have found. So how did they and what was their secret?

The flip side to not having a work-life balance is one where you feel perpetually stressed, unable to please anyone, constant demands from work and resort to drinking more, smoking more, gaming more as a way to cope with the perceived stress. This may sound unpleasantly familiar.

So first things first, does what you do make you happy and does it make you feel excited to get up in the morning. Do you look forward to your day? If there is any doubt to any of these, then the first things that you need to do is:

Understand what your focus really is.

Is this your family, partner, money or having time. You need to be very honest with yourself to understand what it is that really motivates you or drives you forward. Does what you currently do enable you to meet this focus? If not, can you start to consider other options that just might enable you to proceed to get to where you really want to be. If you can find something that slots into your life and drives you forward in the direction you want, then you will be on the right path to what matters to you most. And suprisingly, this won’t be as hard to do as your job. This in turn leads to the next secret:

If you find something you feel passionate about, you will look forward to every day

And when you wake up, you will be excited about the day ahead and the possibilities that it will bring. This is half of the battle. Surround yourself with what you love, and people that you like to be with and life becomes so much richer.surround yourself

For the sceptics reading, there are always things that you can do that generate money that may not be exactly what you had anticipated. Yet, “something” surprising could be the very income vehicle that you needed to find the balance in your life. With balance, you can then dictate in other areas:

You can define your own commitments.

And not be governed by what “work” dictates for you. Put simply, if you need do achieve a certain amount in a day, do that but then understand that your family/partner/other focus of life needs you after this time. If you are employed, appreciate that whilst you are possibly replaceable, your family/partner/other life focus isn’t and is justified to have special time with you too. This of course, is one of the great advantages of being your own boss in that you get to identify exactly what you need to do with whom and where. Being your own boss is not as scary as you might think it could be.

Finally, a true work life balance is one where your “me” time is well planned and you have time to do what you need to do: rest, sleep and play. Sleep, one of my favourite pastimes, is so vital for efficient living. With good sleep comes a healthy mindset. As with most things, if you have the right mindset you can achieve the things you want. Think actively to change the way you think to achieve balance. Then, appreciate all the things that go well in a day and develop your sense of self-worth from more than just your employment.


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