Small Business Marketing Consultant

Hi, I’m Catherine Harriss.

catherine harrissSince 2006, I have helped many people develop and grow businesses in medical/surgical specialities and they have been very successful. As a small business marketing consultant, their businesses have grown substantially. The 13 years working in these highly competitive markets and still maintaining positions for my clients as leaders in their fields has led me to focus on leads and their conversion. This is the pivot of all businesses

I know much about being a small business marketing consultant as I have been involved with businesses from the design stage,  building the website upwards, lead generation, lead conversion, organic growth and paid advertising.

I have maintained many high positions on Google and strive daily to ensure that positions are maintained. I focus on acquiring leads and ensure that there are different and regular methods of gaining leads. I also spend considerable time testing and implementing different ways to grow businesses as there is no one size that fits all.

I am an experienced Google Ads manager and establish and maintain Adwords accounts for clients.

Finally, I have written thousands and thousands of words online both in web pages and articles all over the web.

In essence, I understand how to be found online and how to bring in customers. With 13 years experience, and many difficult algorithm updates, my sites continue to enable healthy profitable businesses.

Catherine has literally saved my business since she took over my marketing and internet profile….  My business has grown considerably with Catherine’s help and this has more than offset her very reasonable fees.  She has become an indispensible member of the team


How Can I Help As A Small Business Marketing Consultant?

*Help you decide and find your ideal client. This is the cornerstone of all successful business.

*I build websites that convert to bring in clients

*I write content, long form content of the type that Google likes with references if appropriate. People prefer reading this too. One off articles or a monthly service. I can provide ideas of how to find topics your ideal customer wants to read.

*I can set up, analyze and/or manage your Google Ads account.

*I develop (and build upon) strong SEO strategies for high rankings.

*I can assess online competition to ensure that your business thrives ahead of them.

*I can also help by advising you on the best way forward. My considerable experience will assist anyone in the medical and health world.

*I can help set up systems that ensure you won’t be without clients.

*I test and apply different methods to bring in clients.


If all this feels overwhelming or you feel like you have imposter syndrome and need some help, then I am here to assist through my mentoring services. This is a carefully thoughout programme designed at three different levels, each of which can be adjusted to suit you, to ensure that you are able to grow your business on your own terms and plan the work / life balance that you want and need.

Why me?

There are many reasons why people enjoy working with me that you can read about here and you can read the good comments about how I have turned their small businesses marketing around using small business lead and growth strategies.

I find hacks, find different ways to facilitate growth that can make the critical change you need. All you need to do is to contact me to get going.


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